Twin Cedars Youth Services, Inc.
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Georgia Industrial Children’s Home

A Campus of Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services, Inc.
4690 North Mumford Road
Macon, GA 31210
Contact: Linda Finley

Georgia Industrial Children’s Home Georgia Industrial Children’s Home, A Campus of Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services, Inc., is located on 200 acres situated in a suburban area of north Macon. GICH affords residential care to male and female residents, ages 13 to 18, who have emotional, psychiatric and behavioral problems. Nurturing staff provides 24/7 supervision in a supportive living environment focusing on daily living skills, behavior improvement strategies, and social skills training. Human Services Professionals provide case management, permanency planning, admissions coordination and discharge planning. GICH programming offers an independent living curriculum for all residents and an independent living experience for residents 16 to 18 who have progressed through the level system. The residents live in a highly structured environment on an open campus. Although GICH has received state and local approval for opening an on-campus school, currently the residents attend public school. By screening residents with a Bibb Co. school system coordinator, residents attend school in the least restrictive setting and have additional support to succeed in public school. Once the acuity level of the residents dictates a different educational approach, GICH will open an on-campus school to accommodate his/her needs and to promote his/her success.

GICH residents receive complete medical care through Family Health Center associated with the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Clinical services are provided by Lighthouse for Children and Families. The residents receive individual therapy, substance abuse treatment, family therapy, group therapy weekly and crisis intervention as needed. Psychiatric services are provided bi-Georgia Industrial Children’s Home Georgia Industrial Children’s Home weekly.

Residents participate in a variety of recreational services including golf, basketball and tennis. Golf instruction is provided by a volunteer organization Macon Golf for Kids. Additionally, residents give back through community service programs such as Habitat for Humanity and Community Partnership.


  • Increase pro-social behaviors both on and off campus
  • Increase pro-social behaviors both on and off campus
  • Provide services in the least restrictive environment
  • Improve daily living skills
  • Promote independent living skills
  • Assist residents build a strong, healthy support system for their future
  • Set and support educational and career goals
  • Empower residents to succeed
Most residents are referred through the Department of Children and Family Services, the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children.

Admission Information
This program is designed for youth, both males and females, ages 13 -18. Potential residents must have an IQ 65 or above and have previous history of emotional and behavioral problems.

Referrals are received through the Admissions Department and directly to the GICH campus. All referrals are reviewed and screened for appropriateness of criteria and milieu characteristics at the time of referral. The referral is presented to the RBWO team and accepted or denied based on team decision.

Additional Information
GICH has three and a half miles of running and biking trails in roughly 200 acres of forest. The campus has a history of community collaboration by hosting the Mercer Cross Country Invitational with approximately 1500 runners for colleges in the southeast. Additionally, we host many cross country events for local private schools. Our bike trails are used several times yearly for events. The public uses our trails on a daily basis for running, walking, and biking.

GICH History
The Georgia Industrial Children’s Home is a Macon landmark. For over 100 years the home has served thousands of indigent and needy children. In the beginning, the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home was true to its name offering a homespun approach to life through the teachings of industrial skills in areas such as farming, sewing and cooking. During that time the children were true orphans having only the staff and fellow residents to call family. It was the mission of Reverend William E. Mumford in 1897 to provide supportive services for the area's needy children. His innovative idea was to provide a safe shelter for children who had no home or whose parents had neglected or abandoned them. His dream was to care for their physical well being while teaching them skills and trades, teaching them to be independent and to take care of themselves, thereby removing the burden of their care from society. For years the Home's Farm provided eggs, meat and produce to homes and merchants throughout Central Georgia, as well as a place for thousands of children to call "home." One hundred years later that Home is still dedicated to serving abused, abandoned, and neglected children and adolescents. The problems our children face have become more complicated, but Rev. Mumford's vision is evolving to meet those challenges. In January of 2009, the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home officially combined services with Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services, Inc. Today, the home has 5 newly renovated cottages and is licensed to serve 60 youth.