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Ault Academy

Ault AcademyThe Education Department of Twin Cedars assumes a student-centered approach to instruction. Teachers work collaboratively with teacher assistants, on-site therapists and residential life personnel to provide academic and behavior management experiences consistent with the needs of "at-risk" youth. The academic day is oriented toward instruction at the elementary, middle and high school level, and includes some college preparatory and vocational instruction. Regular education and students with more specific educational needs are served together throughout the day. Cooperative learning and peer tutoring are encouraged within a positive peer culture environment. A character education program provides a foundation for instilling values and building character within each student.

Ault Academy provides educational services for students of Bradfield Center and the Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home. Education is an integral part of treatment and assumes a student-centered approach to instruction. The Bradfield Center 7,800 square foot state-of-the-art educational facility includes five classrooms, a vocational area, a media center, a testing/conference room, an individual instructional area and administrative offices.

Ault Academy is fully accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and approved by the Georgia Department of Education to serve the special needs of behaviorally Ault Academyand emotionally disturbed adolescents. Educational Incentive Plans (EIP) are developed for residents requiring special education services.

Accreditation allows students to receive high school diplomas, GEDs and to qualify for the HOPE Scholarship and STAR Student awards. Our Ault Academy staff assists students, their families and/or their case workers in developing a network of resources to provide continued support after leaving the program. These resources enhance the opportunity for continued progress and success following residential treatment.