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Our Program

“Empowering learning in a safe, supportive and conducive environment”

Bradfield Center offers a fully accredited school, accredited by Southern Association of Schools (SACS) and Georgia Accreditation Commission.

Vision Statement/Mission

Through the combined efforts of Twin Cedars Youth Services, Inc., Troup County School System, referring agencies throughout the state of Georgia, families, and community members, Ault Academy’s vision is to provide quality curriculum and high expectations for all learners in a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment. A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving, critical thinking, responsibility, work ethic, and citizenship to enable each student to thrive and survive in the society in which he will live.

Ault Academy faculty believe that:

    • All students can learn and succeed best when they have appropriate and challenging opportunities for success and are actively engaged in the learning process.
    • Instructional practices include learning activities that take into account differences in learning styles, because students learn in different ways.
    • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs and should be provided with developmentally appropriate learning activities.
    • Setting high expectations increase individual student performance.
    • All students can learn competent technology skills appropriate for their developmental level.
    • Teachers, Twin Cedars’ staff, Troup County School system liasons, parents, custody holders, and students themselves should participate in the education process.
    • Exceptional students will be provided special services and resources.
    • Students have a need to be taught the basic principles of conduct and citizenship in American society.
    • Problem solving is an important aspect of a child’s education.

Bradfield_Ault_MediaCenterAult Academy, our on-campus school, is accredited by the Advance Ed. (SACS), Georgia Accreditation Commission and approved by the Georgia Department of Education. Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services Inc., Bradfield Center, recognizes that 100% of the students who are admitted to our program are a unique population of individuals with specific psychotherapeutic, psychoeducational, and academic needs. A significant number of students enter our program with records indicating they are below grade level. In the Ault Academy setting, students are evaluated upon admission with the Wide Range Achievement test. The teachers utilize test information to determine current level of ability and develop lesson plans in accordance with expectations for each student’s grade level. Supplemental resources are used to help meet each student’s needs when his ability level is below (or above) grade level. Georgia Performance Standards serve as a guide for all teachers’ lesson plans. These standards are downloaded from the website and used by teachers in writing objectives for daily lesson plans.

Students of the Bradfield Center attend school daily from 8:15 – 2:30. Certified staff work collaboratively with teacher assistants and on site case managers to provide academic and behavior management experiences consistent with the needs of “at risk” youth. The academic day is oriented toward instruction at the elementary, middle, and high school levels with some college preparatory instruction. Regular education students and students with more specific educational needs are served together throughout the day. Individualized Educational Plans are developed if applicable. Teachers review and follow IEPs that are provided upon admission. Speech therapy is provided when assessment results dictate such services are warranted. At the present moment we do not have a SLP. The school has asked TCSS if they could help meet the needs of students for speech.

Bradfield_GymCurrently, there are 38 students attending Ault Academy. Subjects taught vary according to the standards for each grade level. The 6th grade curriculum includes Language Arts/Spelling, Math, Earth Science, Social Studies, Life Skills, and Physical Education. The courses offered to 7th grade students include Language Arts, Math, Life Science, Study Skills, Social Studies, Life Skills, and Physical Education. 8th grade students are taught Language Arts, Math, Study Skills, Science, Georgia History, Life Skills, and Physical Education. The 9th grade curriculum consists of 9th Grade Literature and Composition, Math I, Coordinate Algebra, Biology, World History and Physical Education. Tenth graders receive instruction in 10th Grade Literature and Composition, Math II, Analytic Geometry, World History, Physical Science, and Physical Education. U.S. History, American Literature, Environmental Science, Math III, and Physical Education are offered to 11th grade students. The Principal will review all records/transcripts for the one (1) rising 12th grade student. Coursework for this student will be offered that will ensure he is on track for graduation.

Grades are reported every 4 ½ weeks on progress reports and every 9 weeks on report cards. Twice each year, students’ educational progress is reviewed by a team including Ault Academy staff, Twin Cedars Case Managers, parents, and/or custody holders, and representatives from the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Family and Children Services, and/or the Department of Mental Health.

*At our Anne Elizabeth Shepherd Home, Ault Academy operates under agreement with the Muscogee County School System, and teachers are provided by the Board of Education.

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